Your Cabinet Door Protector


Every day use can wreak havoc on your cabinet doors and drawers. The area's that get the most use are the kitchen sink cabinet and the trash pull out drawer, therefore they also show the wear the quickest. Water being accidentally splashed on your sink cabinet will start to weaken the finish over time as we show in these photos. So to protect them simply cover with a Cabinet Hero. Also the steam from your dishwasher dry cycle can damage drawers and doors that are adjacent to it.

The trash pull our drawer is the 2nd most chipped and worn cabinet in the kitchen. Your opening and closing that drawer sometime 100's of times a day. Half the time the kids are barely opening it and whatever they are throwing away is hitting the top edge of the drawer. This is where the Cabinet Hero will prevent the chipping, and fading of your finish by providing a buffer.

Thermofoil will begin to peel or chip along the top edge seem first from water damage and then continue if not glued back down and then covered.